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LIRC on a Router

Yesterday I purchased a Buffalo WHR-G54S for a new little project. I wanted to run LIRC on it and add an IR Blaster and receiver. I started with the blaster part and it was suprisingly easy to get it up and running thanks to the help of some posts on the openwrt forums.
Here is a rundown of the basic procedure and I'll fill in some more details in the near future.
Step 1: Get openwrt to run on the router. The openwrt wiki has the information you need on how to do this. The steps I followed where under the "TFTP Method." Specifically, I used the tftp command on my windows laptop as it happened to be nearby the router.
Step 2: Open up the router and install an IR Blaster. You can see mine temporarily soldered onto the debug led in the picture. More details on this will be coming soon as this was the most tricky part of this operation. Of course, once I perfect all of this I will be happy to sell already modified routers.
Step 3: Install LIRC on the router. Some other openwrt users have posted lost of information in the forum on how to do this and have even packaged up the files you need. I used the package by esteevens. It only configures a transmitter, but it was a good start. Installing it on the router is easy. Just telnet into the router and enter:

# ipkg install

libgcc also needs to be updated:

# ipkg update
# ipkg install libgcc

Copy your LIRC config file to /etc/lircd.conf and then Start LIRC:

insmod lirc_dev.o
insmod lirc_serial.o
lircd --device=/dev/lirc/0

Now you are ready to start transmitting. Next I need to work on getting a receiver to work and rsh so that the router can communicate ir commands with another machine on your netowrk.

Link to this post:LIRC on a Router