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Using WinLIRC with SnapStream Beyond TV

I found this interesting thread over on the SnapStream forums on using winlirc ir blasters with Snap Stream Beyond TV. Remember, I recommend the windows version of the ir blaster if you want the best compatibility with winlirc. Here is a direct shopping cart button for the windows version of the $12 RS232 IR blaster.

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To summarize the procedure, Snap Steam Beyond TV can call an external channel change script by adding the a key to the registry. For example, this registry code causes SnapStream to call c:\winlirc\channel.cmd with an argument of the channel number on every channel change.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\snapstream media\EXETunerPlugin]

This same post on the SnapStream forum also has some info on using winlirc and IREX for an ir receiver. The IR Receivers from work well on both windows and linux so you can use them with this method.

Link to this post:Using WinLIRC with SnapStream Beyond TV