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HD Mediabox IR Receiver

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Jeff in California about my Hauppage PVR-250 replacement IR Receiver cable. Apparently, some folks on the pixel magic forums for the HD Media box MB100 and MB200 figured out that the IR Receiver input on the back of their HD Media boxes was the same as that of the Hauppauge PVR-250 cable. Only problem is the PVR-250 cable is a 3/32" plug and the HD media cable is a 1/8" plug. Adapters to convert are generally available at Radio Shack for this type of thing, but I had my wire shop build up something for Jeff pretty quickly to try out the theory and save some adapters. Jeff informed me the solution worked great so I'll be offering these cables for sale to the general public for the same price as the PVR-250 version ($10 + shipping). I'll add a cart button soon. In the mean time, you can just e-mail me at mike at irblaster dot info to order.

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