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Insteon IR Receiver

The new Insteon IR Receiver will be available starting mid February to link your insteon devices to a universal ir remote control. You could also use it to link your pc to your insteon devices using one of our ir blasters instead of using an insteon usb or serial bridge.

The MSRP of this device is $100. As always, I can give much better insteon pricing on bundles so feel free to e-mail me a list of insteon equipment to get a price quote.

Also of note, if you don't mind running your insteon devices in X10 compatibility mode the X10 IR-543 is available today for $30 and is in stock and ready to ship. I have used the IR-543 on several projects to allow control of insteon lighting from the logictech harmony series of remote controls. Just e-mail me to order an IR-543. US shipping is still just $3.95/order.

mike /at/ irblaster /do/t info

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