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Keypad Linc as Access Control Keypad

I would like to use an 8 button insteon keypad linc as the keypad for an access control system.

The Idea
You enter a 4 letter code on the keypad and the correct code sends an unlock signal to a door strike

The Implementation Plan
First, the supplies I'll need:

This is the easiest way I can think of to accomplish this. I'm open for suggestions on how to improve the system before I test it out.

First, I'll set each button to send a different X10 Unit OFF Code. There are several reasons I am choosing X10 for this. I won't have to link the keypad with the PLC modem, I can use an ocelot controller if so desired, the keypad linc won't be waiting for an ack, and the keypad linc LEDs will remain off during the button pushes.

On the controller end, I can simply look for the correct sequence of X10 codes. If I get an incorrect sequence or a timeout I'll go back to the start of my script. If the correct sequence is entered I can send the code to the I/O linc device controlling the door contact. The keypad itself can be linked to the I/O contact controller such that the on/off led on the keypad indicates the status of the lock.

This system can be improved such that each user has their own code and entry is logged.

Access time restrictions can also be easily added.

With 7 buttons and 4 letter codes we have a 1:2401 chance of someone guessing the code. A timeout between incorrect codes can be added to the script to decrease the chances of guessing.

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