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Build your own cheap multi function camera controller

I just found this instructable article by Josh on how to build your own cheap multi functional camera controller.  The basic idea is to use an SLR camera with an infrared (IR) controlled shutter along with a microcontroller.  Josh wrote some software for the microcontroller to choose shutter trigger options via a simple push button menu and then fire off the camera at the appropriate time. 

The infrared output is via an IR led.  Personally, I would have used one of our tivo style ir blasters with 1/8" plug.

This also got me thinking of a great use for our RS232 IR Blaster and RS232 IR receiver.  Using lirc or winlirc and a PC the same exact controller can be built to control your camera.  Yes, you'll need to have the PC near the camera, but this may not be a problem for some of the shots Josh had intended to take with this rig.  I also thing a PC based design can be made much faster and cheaper assuming the PC is already available.

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Link to this post:Build your own cheap multi function camera controller