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Scientific Atlanata Exploer 940 (SA E940) IR Extender

Brent in Mississauga, Canada e-mailed me about obtaining an IR extender for his SA Explorer 940 set top box. The E940 uses the same pinouts as the standard Motorola Style IR Extender, but it uses a 56KHz IR Receiver instead of a standard 38KHz. We swapped out the IR head for Brent and shipped him a sample. Today, Brent reported he is successfully controlling his Scientific Atlanta STB behind closed doors with the help of our extender!
We're glad to here we were able to get Brent a solution for only $13 plus shipping and would be happy to share the solution with others as well. Just e-mail us if have an E940 box in need of an IR extender and we can swap out the head of our standard product for you as well.

Link to this post:SA Explorer 940 IR Extender