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Installation Manuals

  • USB Powered IR Repeater
  • Standalone Home Theater Device Selector

    Control equipment behind a closed cabinet or another location

    Repeat IR signals to another location - perhaps in a cabinet, closet, or another room.

    You need an IR Repeater system

    PC Based Device Selector

    Control a single infra red (ir) device from your PC

    You need a LIRC RS232 IR Blaster

    Control multiple different IR devices from your PC

    Same as above but you want to control multiple different devices. Example, control a cable box and an amplifier

    Two Options: up to two devices Double Headed LIRC RS232 IR Blaster
    More than 2 devices IR Distribution Options
    These options also work if your equipment has selectable IR codes. For example, many DISH Network set top boxes can be set to respond to an alternate set of IR codes. This allows you to control two DISH network boxes with a single doubled headed blaster.

    Control many identical pieces of equipment

    We can design a custom solution for you using the items from the special order page. These items are typically available with a 1 week lead time. Contact us for more details

    Receive infra red (ir) signals on your PC

    You need an IR Receiver