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Our customers include private individuals, hotels, theme parks, schools, universities, hospitals, bars, doctors offices, engineering companies, and more. Here's what some of these customers had to say about our infrared products:

5 Stars

I was using a Brand A ir blaster with knoppmythtv. While the Brand A worked, it was a huge pain to setup. I finally got tired of the setup process and went with the model. I should have done it a long time ago! It is much faster to setup (answer 2 questions from knoppmyth install), but it performs faster and more accurate than my Brand A. In fact, it hasn't missed a digit or changed to a wrong channel yet. Even with DishNetwork's 4 digit channels. 5 stars....
Mark H


like to convey my greatest appreciation to you for the creation of the IRBlaster and receiver. I originally purchase a CommandIR USB blaster but even after two months and nearly two dozen emails back and forth with their well meaning tech support I couldn't do what I just did with the IRBlaster within 5 minutes of hooking it up.


PVR 150 Receiver

Hello Mike,
thanks for the quick delivery! The pvr 150 receiver works far better than the original I had, the reception angle is far wider and the sensitivity improved a lot. Before I had to sit in a specific place at not too big a distance to be able to use the remote. Now I can use it from almost anywhere in the living room. Big improvement.

This Rocks!

I got everything setup this morning and this thing rocks! It is perfect!
I am sure as my Myth setup at home grows I will probably purchase some more
of these. Anyway, thanks again.

Ben from Dallas, TX

Arrived and running already.

A wonderful idea you have there... Good on you!
All the best for the future, I've already made a few recommendations to folk over here.
Good stuff.
Best regards,

I just wanted to say thanks...

Got the IR blaster last night, and it worked out great with no issues.

I just received your IRblaster in the mail and all I can say is wow!

It very small, I have no idea how you made it like this, and it works 10 times better then the home brew one that I made for myself, hats of too you, you could charge a lot more then 12 bucks and it would still be more then worth it!

Arrived on Monday...

These arrived on Monday the 27th and I had 2 installed by Tuesday both working perfectly. Thanks for the cool product and thanks for your help with getting them to me.
John C

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