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Our Most Popular Infrared Products

IR Repeaters and IR Extenders - Control your set top box behind closed doors in a closet or cabinet

IR Blasters - Transmit Infrared - Great for DVR and Automation Projects

IR Receivers - control your PC from a remote control

Lighting, Appliance, and home automation Control


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USB Powered IR Repeater Kit

Our USB powered IR repeater kit operates in the 30-60KHz range and can be powered from the set top box USB port. Simply stick the IR emitter on the front of your set top box, plug the USB cable into the back, and stick the IR receiver within line of sight of your remote control.

USB Powered IR Repeater


  • › Powers from set top box USB port
  • › 9 Foot IR Receiver cable
  • › 1 Foot IR Emitter cable
  • Lifetime Warranty
USB Powered IR Repeater $18 Add to Cart

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Compare to the Cisco IR Extender and the Scientific Atlanta IR Extender.

Works with most set top boxes with USB Ports including set top boxes from Cisco, Scientific Atlanta, Samsung, Pace, Motorola, and Arris

Example Set Top Boxes:

Scientific Atlanta 3250HDYES(USB Front Only)
Scientific Atlanta 4200DVBYES
Scientific Atlanta 4200HDYES
Scientific Atlanta 4250HDYES
Scientific Atlanta 8300HDYES
Scientific Atlanta 8640HDCYES
Cisco 1642HDCYES
Cisco 4240HDCYES
Cisco 4250HDCYES
Cisco 4742HDCYES
Cisco 4640HDYES
Cisco 4642HDYES
Cisco 4650HDYES
Cisco 4652HDYES
Cisco 8742HDCYES
Samsung SMT-H3050YES
Samsung SMT-H3090YES
Samsung SMT-H3260YES
Samsung SMT-H3262YES
Samsung SMT-H3270YES
Samsung SMT-H3272YES
Samsung SMT-C5320YES
Samsung SMT-H3362YES
Motorola VIP1200YES
Motorola DCH3416YES
Arris MP2150AYES
Arris MP200YES
Arris TG862YES
Spectrum 101YES
Spectrum 201YES

Also works on other set top boxes such as Apple TV and XBOX 360

Installation Instructions

Need a longer cable or more emitters? See More IR repeater/extender kits

Confused about what type of IR Repeater you need to hide your set top box behind closed doors? Just e-mail your box model number and we'll help you pick the best product for your application.

RS232 IR Blaster

Our very first product is still a great solution 10 years later. The RS232 IR Blaster is designed to work with LIRC and works great with numerous PVR projects including MythTV and Freevo

Standard MythTV LIRC IR Blaster


  • › Female DB9 Connector
  • › 7 Foot Cord
  • › Sticks directly to your cable or satellite box
  • › Ultra compact IR Emitter
  • › Protocol Independent (36 KHz, 56 KHz, etc)
  • › IR Transparent (your regular remote will still work)

Installation Guides:

IR Blaster on cable box example
Standard MythTV LIRC RS232 IR Blaster (Pictured) $12 Add to Cart
Light Up MythTV LIRC RS232 IR Blaster
Just like the standard, but with a clear IR Head
That lights up red on TX
$16 Add to Cart
Double Headed MythTV LIRC RS232 IR Blaster
Two Standard IR Heads connected to one DB9
$23 Add to Cart
Click here to control more than 2 devices

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NEW: True RS232 IR Blaster without running LIRC

Information for SnapStream BeyondTV Users