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Are IR Repeaters plasma & CFL proof?

We get this question a lot and the short answer is yes, all of our repeaters are plasma and CFL proof. The longer answer, however, is a bit more complicated

There are many techniques available to prevent random IR interference from effecting an IR repeater. The most common method is to limit the bandwidth of the repeater. That is, only repeat signals which use a very specific carrier frequency. Many companies that advertise CFL/Plasma proof do exactly this and filter down to just a 38KHz carrier. This works great if your remote control uses a 38KHZ carrier, but the repeater simply will not work if you use a different carrier

Today, roughly 30% of the set top boxes used in the US are using 56KHz remotes instead of 38KHz. By filtering on just 38KHz you make be keeping out the plasma and CFL signals, but you are also creating a system that simply does not work for a huge segment of the market. For this reason, none of the repeaters we manufacture and sell will filter to just 38KHz

Our repeaters filter to a wider bandwidth to allow more signals to pass through, but we can't just stop here because we need to keep the noise out too. Thus, all of our repeaters employ a more advanced automatic gain circuit which constantly automatically adjusts the ambient light threshold to distinguish between a real infrared remote signal and background noise.